On June 14th, a 23-year-old female student in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province was murdered in the woods near a local university. On Sunday, June 19th, the Public Security Bureau of Ningbo’s Yinzhou District released a public statement concerning the case, indicating that they had arrested a “foreign suspect.”

The Statement reads:

Over the last few days, our department has mobilized nearly a hundred police personnel to carry out a carpet search within a 10 square kilometer radius of the Yongjiang River. Tools used in the crime were discarded by the suspect in this area. As of now, these tools and other evidence have been recovered from the scene.
Higher level law enforcement agencies have attached utmost importance to this case, guided the process of investigation, and the procuratorial bodies have carried out the law. Our department will strictly enforce the law to ensure the case is filly handled.
We sincerely thank all sectors of society for their understanding and support for law enforcement agencies.

Yinzhou Public Security Bureau

As of now, there is speculation that the victim was a student at the Ningbo University of Technology, which is located near the scene of the crime. Some believe that the foreign suspect is an instructor at the university.

The crime has started to capture widespread online attention. However, as of now, very few details can be surely verified.

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